Program Administration

The Master of Engineering in Computational Engineering is housed in the Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering (MechSE).  MechSE partners with the Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) Center to deliver this degree.

MechSE is the student’s home department and students should work with its graduate programs staff regarding:

  • Application requirements, process, and decisions
  • Graduate admission process for incoming students
  • Graduate student petitions, concerns, questions about degree requirements, degree conferral, and resources available to graduate students
  • Works closely with the M.Eng. coordinator in CSE

CSE provides the main management of the program in consultation with the CSE steering committee:

  • Handles the admissions process
  • Faculty student advising
  • The day-to-day operation of the program
  • Works closely with the M.Eng. coordinator in Mechanical Science & Engineering

Mechanical Science and Engineering (MechSE):  
Graduate Programs Office
166 Mechanical Engineering Building
Urbana, IL 61801
Phone: (217) 244-3416

Computational Science and Engineering (CSE):
2102E National Center for Supercomputing Applications
Urbana, IL 61801
Phone: (217) 333-3247